The paint is still wet, but that's all right. The door's open, and there's fresh coffee in the pot. You're invited to have a seat. Here's your coffee. You're welcome. Let's talk for a while.

There is a reason we are doing this. Right there in the gallery. It's shot on film, developed and scanned by us. No post processing. This is the result you can expect, right out of the box. We know – because we use it ourselves.

This isn't a replacement for shooting digitally. This is a place to breathe. Right here photography is something simple. Pick up the camera. Push the button. Ssh, did you hear that?

We do the rest.

This isn't a replacement for a large commercial lab; it's a small space for us photographers. We're all friends here. We're only trying this out.



Develop + scan, C41: 185 SEK + VAT

Right now we're keeping it ultra simple and are only doing color 135mm film, with the scanner resolution set to awesome. More offers to come, no worries. I'm looking at you, roll of 120.

So, that's the deal. From soup to nuts.


New customers

Just send us an email letting us know you're interested and we'll get back to you. During a limited time we're only letting in new customers a few at a time. Why? Well, we're just trying this fascinating idea out. Be kind to us. If you REALLY must start using us right away, or have some special project coming, we'll of course talk business with out. Let us know.



We develop the film on a Noritsu roll-machine, or a larger dip'n'dunk machine depending on volume. They differ in handling, but deliver the same great results.

We're using the latest production scanner from Fujifilm, the SP3000. It's got all the cool stuff kids rave about these days, including ICE and … other stuff. The thing is that it delivers great scans out of the box, thanks to its japanese film tech working overtime inside. The scanner itself goes to eleven (11), but we scan everything at 20x30cm @ 300dpi, a great tradeoff between speed and file size.

We deliver the files directly to your dropbox account the moment they're scanned. No stupid front-end, no place to login. Choose between TIF or JPEG. But don't be crazy about it. A complete roll is 2GB in TIF.

We let you pick up the film uncut. For the price we offer, we're unable to cut the film for you. It just takes too much time. Remember what we said about the large commercial labs? Thanks for the understanding.



Drop off / pick up film - usually weekdays between
10:00 and 17:00. Drop us a mail to check.


Rutger Fuchsgatan 9

We both work full time as commercial photographers, and are doing this in our spare time. That means we're open when we're at the office.


Q & A

What is Svartlab?
Svartlab is the idea of photographer Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez & Erik Wåhlström. It's a way for us to share our love for analog photography and our professionalism and experience in the area with others.

Can you scan film that's already processed / developed?
Yes! But only uncut rolls. We scan both color film and black & white for 100 SEK + VAT / roll.

Can I send you my films?
No, we're sorry. Pick up / drop of service only for the moment.

Do you process black & white film? If not, can you recommend a lab?
No, we're sorry. We think you should try Team framkallning, or Lumiere Lab. Both do classic dip'n'dunk D76-processing. Then bring us the uncut rolls and we'll scan them for you.

Can you deliver the files on cd-rom / ftp / hard drive?
We only deliver your files directly to your dropbox account. Get your own for free at dropbox.com

Do you do 10x15 prints?
No prints here. Sorry. We prioritize in doing developing and scanning only.

Happy shooting!

Emilia & Erik